Moving to Monthly

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

I’m going to try to overhaul this work schedule to fit in all the new things I’d like to get going.

I’ve updated my Patreon to show off the new comics I’m working on. The ‘Thank You’ page for this site has been updated to show off the progress on those comics as well.

Those comics are just side projects that won’t interfere with this comic though. I will be updating this comic with 10 pages a month, hoping to increase that number as I go. In the last post I said I got a part time job, but I hope to cut hours from that job with the relaunching of my patreon. It might take a while for that to happen though.

Those comics will be a different flavor and style than S&T, allowing for those to be made with less effort and time than these. I hope when more details for them get released that they are received well, but that’s only for time to tell.

Again, sorry for all the delays, and thank you if you’ve stuck around.