Big Update - No Its Not Dead

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

This song and dance has grown tired, so I’ll just explain where I’ve been.

I’ve gotten a part time job to help with moving and maintaining my rent, and that means it cuts into my time which I can draw. I also have the desire to expand my library to fit more comics, which will also eat into some time for this series, but I have means to mitigate that.

I have 3 comics I will be announcing, which seems like a lot, but they will not be continuous series with regular updates.

Those comics will be background projects that I will release in full when done, as I plan to try publishing them. Updates for those will be featured over on my patreon.

As for the fate of this series, I’m still not going to abandon it. I plan to move the schedule to monthly with 10 pages per update. It’s a damn sight short of what I originally went for, but with time I want to raise that number again.

The patreon will go back to monthly, with all my comic work being the focus of it. Scrap & Topheavy will be the main focus, where I will post spoiler free, regular updates publicly with no pay-walls, but all other comic work will be showcased for patrons.

As my patreon grows, I will be able to take less hours at work, meaning more time for more comic work. And with so much more stakes in the game, I have a larger reason to stay consistent with my work and updates.

Here’s to a new-new-new beginning, I will do my best to stay on top of everything from here on out.