Webtoons Contest and Revelations

Published on by Professor Clockwork.


With the help of a friend, I've been able to post Scrap & Topheavy on Line Webtoon to participate in the Webtoon Contest in an attempt to secure a life changing amount of funds. The contest scores comics based on audience engagement, so I just ask people to share the Webtoon version around so it can get some views on that platform. 

While scoring 1st is a long shot, in the event of Scrap & Topheavy's winning, I'll be financially stable for a long enough time to truly get the next part of this comic off the ground and finished!

Along with securing funds, this contest requires more episodes to be released during the judging. Assuming Scrap & Topheavy gets past the first stage, it means I will be releasing pages of the new chapter earlier for everyone to read.

Scrap & Topheavy on Webtoon!

With the news about pages being released potentially early, I've got a date nailed down for the chapter's release (assuming it doesn't come out early).

December 12th, the 3 year anniversary of Scrap & Topheavy.

Work being being hastily done, and the site is being prepared for its arrival. Sorry if it seems so far out, but I feel it's fitting to bring the comic officially back on the anniversary.

A change has been made to the site as well, the most recent issue for Book 2 has been unpublished from the site (along with any title pages). This was done for two reasons. One, to clear away the poor attempt to start up Book 2, as the starting comic, book cover, and chapter cover are being completely redone. And two, so Book 1 can stand by itself like it was supposed to until Book 2 officially comes out. These pages haven't been deleted, just unpublished, so comments are still saved. This probably doesn't mean anything, but I thought I'd clarify.

In short, please help share the Webtoon version of the comic, and the new chapter is almost here!