The Ever-Looming Issue

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

Consider the title a double entendre.

Allow me to step outside the role of author/artist to explain my woes.

Working on Scrap & Topheavy is difficult work. I imagine anyone working on any of their projects feel its difficult work. I made the mistake of wanting to create a comic that is fully painted when my abilities to produce such a product are not up to finishing the task in a short enough amount of time. I actually regret trying to start the second book so soon after the first. I shouldn't have done that. I should have waited till I was truly in the right mindset to pick up the large task that this is.

The main problem I'm having is that days seem to go by too fast, and the work I get done each day just isn't enough to stay on a good track. Between painting every page taking up so much time, and needing to do freelance work to keep myself afloat taking up even more time, this has been the worst launch to any project I've ever had.

No I'm not going to cancel Book Two. I'm not even going to halt its production or anything like that. Don't think that. This is just me complaining about how much turbulence I've caused in this project taking off. I want the work to come out perfect, but that obviously can't happen. I plan for this next book to be 14 chapters. If it took even half a year to produce all those chapters, then it would be a 7 year project. That is way too long.

So how do I remedy this? Work faster I guess. Spend less time redrawing pages, paint pages in a simpler style, maybe completely abandon other ventures and leisure time to devote more time to this. It's a lot I need to think about, but in the mean time if anyone has any tips to make days go by slower, I'm down to hear them. I'd kick Father Time in the balls myself if I could figure out where they are on his disgusting body.

I'm sorry for not having anything to really show off or reveal other than a stupid, edgy drawing about myself. And sorry for hyping up this failure for over a year and having absolutely nothing to show for it. Maybe I should really go back to having deadlines for this comic so I actually produce content. This "Release it when its ready" method has been a waste of everyone's time.

Anyway, that's enough sulking for this webcomic that is supposed to be cool, so its back to work for me. After months of not actually promising anything, I'll try to put out the redone cover for the Book Two and Chapter One by the beginning of next month. Just to reiterate, I'm still working on the chapter, and the comic as a whole, so there still will be more adventure, just after a long delay (as always). Cheers.