Around 60% Complete

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

I know I said I'd be doing intervals of 25 with the percents, but Its been a long time and I should talk about the progress.

I say around 60% because I'll be going back and redoing some pages that were already complete, so some progress is being reversed. Mainly I'll be redrawing the first issue for this chapter that I released so long ago, so that's a few pages added onto the pile. I'll also be remaking the cover for Book 2 as well as the chapter cover for "Death at Sea". While those are single pages I will be taking a lot longer a time to work on them in order to make sure they are detailed.

I have a vague plan to get these chapters printed as small issue comics that can be collected to form the full book, so I must ensure the chapter covers function as standalone comic book covers.

I still won't make any predictions as work between pages is varying in length (as well as side work that cannot be avoided, unfortunately), but do know it's still being worked on.

As always, thank you!