Grand Opening

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

People were asking for some sort of update blog about the comic seeing as it no longer has a schedule, and as time went on it became a better idea since people might think this place is dead without it.

I'll try to keep updates consistent, but since they are going along with unscheduled work there won't be a schedule to these either.

I'm unsure as to what I should post without spoiling too much on upcoming chapters, so I'm open to suggestions in the comments.

I'll start this update blog off right with an update on the 'Death at Sea' chapter progress. I currently have the chapter written out, and am now story boarding the pages with minor revisions. The sketching is almost done and once it's completed I will start page revisions and slide right into drawing the full pages.

Once the chapter is finished and out the site's presentation will change with all pages from the chapter coming out at once, and each page will be displayed by themselves. No longer will the comics be presented in a long, scrolling page. Just a heads up. I will also update the navigation so you can go between chapters without having to backtrack and spoil the story for yourself.

Thank you for reading, and I'm glad you all stuck around through this down time.