One Long-ass Hiccup

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

There’s nothing more to say than an error got in the way of updates. Until early March, I had no access to my dropbox which contained the comic pages, so all updates were halted.

The problem is fixed, and I can safely say updates will return as normal this weekend. My patreon was stopped for the time being, but will go back up in April.

I’ll also be starting to be more active elsewhere by streaming other work. I also might set up a discord server if people are interested too.

Sorry for the wait.



Published on by Professor Clockwork.

Had a minor uploading hiccup last night, but everything’s sorted out now!

It’s officially the start of Book 2. We can forget about the previous attempt and just remember this one as the only attempt.

From now on, Saturdays will hold 5 new pages of Scrap & Topheavy,

I hope you all enjoy the new pages! Thank you for reading!


Beginning Again, S&T's 3rd Anniversary

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

I’m happy to announce today as the third anniversary of Scrap & Topheavy. It started out as a small comic with no real plan behind it, and spiraled into the large story it is today. I’d like to thank everyone for reading and helping to let this comic evolve into something bigger and better than anything I had hoped.

Tonight I will be bringing the comic off hiatus and onto a brand new schedule. I talked at length over the year about never putting S&T back on a weekly schedule, but I’m not proud of how this free schedule of mine has inhibited the comic’s development. Even today I can’t say the chapter is completely done, but it’s damn near close. I regret to say that I won’t be releasing the full chapter today, but I will be releasing pages weekly from now on. Starting tonight, S&T will be back with 5 pages every week on Saturday, and with a sizable back log, there won’t be any stops on this train unless something dire comes up.


Trying to discipline myself to make the comic when I want to isn’t the best plan in retrospect, so for the sake of continuing this comic, and the sake of you readers getting to read this in a timely manner, I am happy to bring back the weekly schedule.

I’m putting some finishing touches on the first few pages, and will be releasing them tonight. After tonight the comics will come out on Saturdays like they used to during Book 1.

As always, I thank you for your patience through this, and hope you enjoy Book 2.


Webtoons Contest and Revelations

Published on by Professor Clockwork.


With the help of a friend, I've been able to post Scrap & Topheavy on Line Webtoon to participate in the Webtoon Contest in an attempt to secure a life changing amount of funds. The contest scores comics based on audience engagement, so I just ask people to share the Webtoon version around so it can get some views on that platform. 

While scoring 1st is a long shot, in the event of Scrap & Topheavy's winning, I'll be financially stable for a long enough time to truly get the next part of this comic off the ground and finished!

Along with securing funds, this contest requires more episodes to be released during the judging. Assuming Scrap & Topheavy gets past the first stage, it means I will be releasing pages of the new chapter earlier for everyone to read.

Scrap & Topheavy on Webtoon!

With the news about pages being released potentially early, I've got a date nailed down for the chapter's release (assuming it doesn't come out early).

December 12th, the 3 year anniversary of Scrap & Topheavy.

Work being being hastily done, and the site is being prepared for its arrival. Sorry if it seems so far out, but I feel it's fitting to bring the comic officially back on the anniversary.

A change has been made to the site as well, the most recent issue for Book 2 has been unpublished from the site (along with any title pages). This was done for two reasons. One, to clear away the poor attempt to start up Book 2, as the starting comic, book cover, and chapter cover are being completely redone. And two, so Book 1 can stand by itself like it was supposed to until Book 2 officially comes out. These pages haven't been deleted, just unpublished, so comments are still saved. This probably doesn't mean anything, but I thought I'd clarify.

In short, please help share the Webtoon version of the comic, and the new chapter is almost here!

The Ever-Looming Issue

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

Consider the title a double entendre.

Allow me to step outside the role of author/artist to explain my woes.

Working on Scrap & Topheavy is difficult work. I imagine anyone working on any of their projects feel its difficult work. I made the mistake of wanting to create a comic that is fully painted when my abilities to produce such a product are not up to finishing the task in a short enough amount of time. I actually regret trying to start the second book so soon after the first. I shouldn't have done that. I should have waited till I was truly in the right mindset to pick up the large task that this is.

The main problem I'm having is that days seem to go by too fast, and the work I get done each day just isn't enough to stay on a good track. Between painting every page taking up so much time, and needing to do freelance work to keep myself afloat taking up even more time, this has been the worst launch to any project I've ever had.

No I'm not going to cancel Book Two. I'm not even going to halt its production or anything like that. Don't think that. This is just me complaining about how much turbulence I've caused in this project taking off. I want the work to come out perfect, but that obviously can't happen. I plan for this next book to be 14 chapters. If it took even half a year to produce all those chapters, then it would be a 7 year project. That is way too long.

So how do I remedy this? Work faster I guess. Spend less time redrawing pages, paint pages in a simpler style, maybe completely abandon other ventures and leisure time to devote more time to this. It's a lot I need to think about, but in the mean time if anyone has any tips to make days go by slower, I'm down to hear them. I'd kick Father Time in the balls myself if I could figure out where they are on his disgusting body.

I'm sorry for not having anything to really show off or reveal other than a stupid, edgy drawing about myself. And sorry for hyping up this failure for over a year and having absolutely nothing to show for it. Maybe I should really go back to having deadlines for this comic so I actually produce content. This "Release it when its ready" method has been a waste of everyone's time.

Anyway, that's enough sulking for this webcomic that is supposed to be cool, so its back to work for me. After months of not actually promising anything, I'll try to put out the redone cover for the Book Two and Chapter One by the beginning of next month. Just to reiterate, I'm still working on the chapter, and the comic as a whole, so there still will be more adventure, just after a long delay (as always). Cheers.



Around 60% Complete

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

I know I said I'd be doing intervals of 25 with the percents, but Its been a long time and I should talk about the progress.

I say around 60% because I'll be going back and redoing some pages that were already complete, so some progress is being reversed. Mainly I'll be redrawing the first issue for this chapter that I released so long ago, so that's a few pages added onto the pile. I'll also be remaking the cover for Book 2 as well as the chapter cover for "Death at Sea". While those are single pages I will be taking a lot longer a time to work on them in order to make sure they are detailed.

I have a vague plan to get these chapters printed as small issue comics that can be collected to form the full book, so I must ensure the chapter covers function as standalone comic book covers.

I still won't make any predictions as work between pages is varying in length (as well as side work that cannot be avoided, unfortunately), but do know it's still being worked on.

As always, thank you!



Back to Work

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

My small break from comic work is over and I have returned to working on the recent chapter. Still have a lot to finish before its release, but during my break I've adopted a stronger working attitude and will be using it to hasten the work. I won't be taking commissions as rapidly as I was and am refocusing myself on finishing the chapter.


Small Stop

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

I will be taking a small break working on the current chapter to finish up a batch of commissions and small work on another project. The commissions have piled up and I'd like to take this short break to finish them up instead of working on them sporadically. The work will take the next two or three weeks to finish and then I will go back to working on the chapter. I will make another post when I make the switch back.

I've mentioned before that I've been dealing with commissions and other projects on top of Scrap & Topheavy, so I hope this small break in the chapter's work isn't a huge surprise.

Thank you.


Chapter One 50% Done

Published on by Professor Clockwork.

'Death at Sea' has reached the middle of its completion with few hiccups in progress. The latter half of the chapter is left, but progress will slow down a tad bit due to other projects and paid work needing attention on top of this.

I'm very proud of the way these pages are turning out. Proud enough to say these new pages put the old comics to great shame. It's impossible to show through text, so I'll give a spoiler free preview of the new style.


Taking my time on these pages is helping a lot. so I must thank everyone for their patience when it comes to my lack issues released.

I will make another update when I reach 75% completion.